The NEIRO studio and residency space is situated in the peaceful neighborhood Vršovice, just a short walk from Vršovické náměstí. A calm place hidden in one of the courtyards inspires and encourages music, visual, or literal creation. This inspiring artistic neighborhood has begun to transform into a base for many Prague based creators, not only due to its charm, but also accessibility.


The space is divided into two sectors – residential and studio. The first part has a kitchen, dining table, and a bedroom with a piano, bed, and a library. The studio has 40m², concrete floor and the windows facing the courtyard. It is also possible to work in the courtyard during warm summer months.


Residential 45 (bedroom, kitchen), studio 40
Equipment: fully equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, library, washing machine, WiFi, piano

Public transport availability
Tram: Vršovické náměstí 280 m
Bus: Kodaňská 350 m
Metro: A Jiřího z Poděbrad 1.3 km
Bicycle path: 70 m