Mission & Vision

New perspectives promise new solutions.

NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts executes exceptional projects of not only Czech, but also foreign artists. Our aim is to present Czech music and art in the international context and in collaboration with influential artists and theoreticians. Through this dialogue, we want to inspire and encourage creative solutions to the situations in which our culture and society currently stand.

We support and develop collaborations primarily between the artists from the Czech Republic, Europe, and Japan. We organize events in the Czech Republic and present Czech artists abroad. We are bringing a new view on image, and music & sound through lectures, concerts, and festival.

We are collaborating with the leading artistic institutions such as the  National Gallery in Prague, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Japan Foundation and the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Our studio in Prague includes a wide art library and equipment and facilities for music and audiovisual creation.These capacities are also offered within the program of artistic residencies.

Together, we want to increase the prestige of Czech arts. We want Czech creators to be educated and efficient and to be able to help with setting the direction of the international social dialogue.