Join our team to get involved in the development of international projects. You will become colleagues with professionals from different artistic fields, as well as from media. We annually welcome Czech as well as foreign interns to apply any time. The minimum length of an  internship is one month and the position is unpaid.

Since we are a small team, interns are asked to be self-motivated and make clear their intended contributions. We are regularly in need of help with copywriting and editing support, graphic design, video-editing, marketing, and data analysis. In the first days of the internship, we assess our goals and the goals of the intern. We then come back and check in with the intern, letting them know if they are doing well with the tasks we are giving them and also asking for feedback, to see if they are getting what they want out of the internship.

At several points in the year, we are in a so called “hot phase” before and during the completion of a project. This is the busiest, but also the most exciting, time to be part of NEIRO. At this point, everyone helps with everything and all other tasks are put on hold.

In contrast, during our less busy phase, we are happy to make space for the interns own interest. We also offer for them to make use of our facilities (studio and library).


Appropriate for students of:

Arts, English, Sociology, Computer Science, Music, Art-management, Film, Sound, Dramaturgy, Administration

Gain skills in:

Production, Communication, Media, Advertising, Contemporary and Japanese music


Are you interested? Contact us: