MAN IN MOTION: Live downtempo electronica from Mexico City in Prague

Man In Motion
Electronic, downtempo project from Mexico City is a combination of deep beats and atmospheric electronics with wide range of vocals. On Thursday May 30 from 9pm at Klub FAMU the electronic music duo will end their European tour, through seven countries. The project visited Europe for the third time, this time promoting its third studio album, E11even (Eleven), which they released last year.
Producer Omar Lied and singer Sarmen Almond are described by the music critic David Cortés as one of the “avant-garde voices of Mexico ”. Reminiscent of electronic duo Lamb, they lure their audiences into electronic soundscapes embellished by the extraordinary vocal performance of Sarmen Almond.
The concert will be followed by an afterparty with DJ Confusius. Another guise of one of the pioneers of dance music in Prague, Michael Klánský, better known under his former DJ nickname Touchwood. With his new project Confusius he breaks free from his former genre boundaries – the afterparty set will slowly lead the audience from the downtempo towards pure dance forms of electronic music.
Admission: 150,-