Zhoř kultura | Summer Festival in Zhoř u Krakovce


5. – 8. 7. 2023
Exhibition: Moments of Sharing
Jasmin Schaitl
11 – 18 h

5. 7. 2023, 17 h
Exhibition Opening: Moments of Sharing

6. 7. 2023, 10 – 15 h
4th Farmers market

6. 7. 2023
Lecture series
14 – 16 h

Non-grazing forestry presentation accompanied by a forest walk: Ing. Aleš Erber
16 – 17 h

Water in the landscape, Ing. Tomáš Just
7. 7. 2023, 17 h

Concert: Free Balkan Quintet
8. 7. 2023, 14 – 17 h

Workshop: Imagining, Magdalena Grzybowska and Jasmin Schaitl

Exhibition: Moments of Sharing
Jasmin Schaitl
On 5th of July, Austrian artist Jasmin Schaitl will open the exhibition of her installation Moments of Sharing, which was created specifically for Zhor Speicher and which thematises human memory and memory of a place. Visitors are invited to participate in the installation themselves, the piece continues to grow and expand through their participation. Jasmin Schaitl’s exhibition explores the possibilities of materialising intangible thoughts and memories.

Farmers market
6. 7. 2023, 10 – 15h
The 4th Farmers’ Market will take place at Zhoř on 6 July from 10am. A growing number of local vendors will offer their produce, honey, cheese and handicrafts. One of the specialties of the market is the renowned kimchi of the Matvija family, the owners of Zhoř. The programme will be complemented by activities for children and refreshments with BBQ.

Lecture series
6.7. 2023 ve 14h, Zhoř u Krakovce
Ing. Aleš Erber
Ing. Aleš Erber will discuss the topic of sustainable forestry, agriculture, civil engineering in the context of climatic changes.
6. 7. 2023 v 16h
Ing. Tomáš Just
Presentation on the topic of water retention in the landscape.

Concert: Free Balkan Quintet
7. 7. 2023 v 17h, Zhoř u Krakovce
Free Balkan Quintet is an ansambl, treats the folk music of the Balkan countries with ease, respect and courage. They blend influences from jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation, but you will also enjoy the distinctive rhythmic quality inherent in Balkan music. Imaginative arrangements by banjoist Tomáš Mika and Australian accordionist Kieren Alexander will be performed by Milan Jakeš on violin, Ondřej Komárek on bass and Jaroslav Noga on drums.

Workshop: Imagining
Magdalena Grzybowska and Jasmin Schaitl
8. 7. 2023, 14 – 17h, Zhoř u Krakovce
A workshop led by Magdalena Grzybowska (PL) and Jasmin Schaitl. Through two artistic approaches – sculpture and performance – the participants are invited to work with site-specific themes of Zhoř and its surroundings and together create something lasting through their imagination, memory and curiosity.