Eleventh edition of an international festival dedicated to the japanese shakuhachi flute. An instrument that inspires composers and audiences all around the world, represents the symbiosis of the ancient and the modern.

Festival program contained koto, shakuhachi, and shamisen workshops, and a concert of the Musica Nipponia ensemble.

The festival also presented the best koto, shakuhachi, and shamisen players from Japan, such as Nomura Hozan. The special guest of the festival was a head priest of the Icchoken temple,  Genmyo Iso. The festival presented a wide variety of concerts from traditional spiritual music to modern and improvised music, in selected locations with extraordinary natural acoustics.

ISFP 2016 was organised by NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts with the support of HAMU, National Gallery, Czech-Japanese Association, OSA, Municipality of Prague, hotel AXA, Institut intermédií,, Radio Wave, Ministry of Culture, Classic radio, Radio 1, GOOUT, FF UK, Japanese Foundation and Miyabi

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