Symposium Music as Identity: Regional Instruments in Changing Contexts

What are and were the roles of different musical instruments in their communities and how are they changing? What are the key factors enabling and influencing these changes? How does the process of internationalisation of regional instruments and their use in artificial music influence their construction, practice, and social status? How do composers influence these processes?

Hiromu Motonaga (keynote)
Genmyo Iso (keynote)
Gunnar Jinmei Linder (keynote)
Hannes Heyne
Jana Ryndová PhD.
Tara Browner
Özlem Doğuş Varli
Mahmut Cemal Sarí
Vlastislav Matoušek
Saida Daukeyeva
Erdem Özdemir
Sedat Çılgın
Ahmed Tohumcu


Symposium took place during ISFP 2017
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