Shakuhachi Making Workshop with Justin Senryu Williams

Justin Senryu Williams is a shakuhachi master player and a master maker based in London, UK. Apprentice of the late Tom Deaver, first generation Western shakuhachi maker, and scholar of the old style of shakuhachi making and playing, Senryu Williams has developed a deep knowledge of kinko and myoan flutes. Each of his flutes is created with a specific style in mind, thus becoming a unique instrument of its style and tradition. His involvement with the shakuhachi has been strongly influenced by his search for authenticity, both in playing and making.

Outside of being a shakuhachi maker, Justine Senryu Williams seeks out old and nearly extinct lineages of shakuhachi.

Over three days, you will be cutting, drilling and filing bamboo under the supervision of a master maker to make a jinashi shakuhachi. Justin Senryu Williams will show you and help you how to precisely shape the bore and fix the problems your instrument may have. Under Senryu’s guidance, you can make a jinashi shakuhachi from start to finish (as much as time permits), or you can bring a semi-finished shakuhachi in to the workshop to finish it under his supervision.

17. – 19. 09. 2019

Studio NEIRO, Prague, Czech Republic

Address: Holandská 48, Prague 10

You will be provided with the necessary making tools, but you are welcome to bring your own. You can bring your own bamboo or acquire some through us (more information on bamboo below and in the file attached).

The workshop capacity is six people only, because of this makers of all levels are welcome, even absolute beginners. There will be time enough for everyone.



To ensure an intensive experience, the workshop is open to 6 participants only.

Standard fee: 5000 CZK (approx. 195 EUR)
Reduced fee for ISFP Family*: 4100 CZK (approx. 160 EUR)

Apply at

*ISFP Family is a member programme of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague. Learn more here.



We have 5 bamboo blanks available for you for 3000 CZK / 120 EUR a piece (see information here). These are sub-premium bamboo blanks from Miura Taro’s stock.

Additionally, it might be possible to order premium bamboo blanks from a professional bamboo hunter for the workshop. The price of these would be approx. 30,000 YEN per piece.

Please send request to

Of course, you can bring your own bamboo or a semi-finished shakuhachi.



Tuesday, 17. 09.

10:00 Introduction
10:30 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
17:00 end of teaching


Wednesday, 18. 09.

10:00 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
17:00 end of teaching


Thursday, 19. 09.

10:00 start of teaching
12:00 lunch (75 minutes)
17:00 end of teaching



Please bring a case to bring your flutes back home in.

If you have your own favourite set of tools, you are welcome to bring them. Standard drills, files and saws will be provided.
The workshop will be conducted in English.

You will be able to use the room and tools outside of the workshop hours, if you need more time to finish your flute.