Reison Kuroda | Shakuhachi Unlimited

25. 11. 2022
20:00 Klášter sv. Anežky České

Music combining Zen aesthetics with progressive tonality. You will experience the fragile beauty of transience in conjunction with the pace of Japanese cities.
Reison Kuroda comes from the lineage of Aoki Reibó II, holder of the National Living Treasure title. His traditional sound combined with brilliant style and exceptional musical intelligence have won Kuroda wide critical acclaim in Japan and abroad. He has won numerous awards including 1st place at the World Shakuhachi Festival Competition in London in 2018. Reison Kuroda is a member of the Japanese all-star ensemble Shakuhachi 5.
His first Czech concert will feature the world premiere of Sona Vetcha for shakuhachi, voice (Annabelle Plum) and cello (Balázs Adorjan), libretto by Maria Ilyashenko. Tomomi Adachi’s composition, for which he created a 3D object as a form of musical notation. You will also hear Japanese spiritual music, which made the shakuhachi flute internationally famous. The concert is part of the NEIRO Unlimited series, which focuses exclusively on top international musicians using their regional instruments in contemporary music.


Ultrafiltration (2018)
European premiere

KO / Shine (2000)
Akira Nishimura
European premiere

Ancient Chinese Experimental Music -From Yue Jing- No.5 (2019, 3D partitura) 6’〜10’
Tomomi Adachi
European premiere

Shiki-soku-zeKu III (1996) 14’
Choji Kaneda
European premiere

Příští stanice – Válka (2022) 7′
Soňa Vetchá,
shakuhachi, hlas, violoncello
Guests: Annabelle Plum, Balázs Adorjan
World premiere

Ōshu Sashi (tradiční koten honkyoku) 7’
Masanosuke Jimbo